How many live trading accounts can I have?

January 29, 2014

Is there a limit of trading accounts per client?

There is a maximum of five (5) trading accounts per entity.

An entity is identified as either an individual trader, joint account traders, company or trust trader. For example, as individual trader you can open up to a maximum of five trading accounts but if you wish to open a joint trading account between yourself and another trader – you will have the option of and additional five accounts under this entity title. Provided that all documentation has been presented and approved for each entity type, there is no limit to how many entities clients may wish to trade under.

However, before an additional account can be opened, all existing prior accounts must be funded first with at least $500 (AUD or equivalent).

Under special considerations and approval by management, clients may be able to request beyond the five account limit.

If you wish to open an additional account, you can fill in this online form to apply for a request.

If have any account specific queries, please contact us via


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