Trade Indices as (CFDs)

What are Indices and how do you trade them?

Indices is a collective term for individual Indexes. An index is essentially a whole portfolio of securities represented as a single numeric value – like a weighted average. Well known indices like the Dow Jones, Standard & Poor’s, Nikkei and FTSE are featured in the news every day.

To trade indices with Vantage FX, they are traded as Contracts for Difference (CFDs); just like your Forex currency pairs. As CFDs, you simply trade on the movement of the prices rather than purchasing the actual asset. At Vantage FX, we offer seven major indices as CFDs: the DAX30, SP500, FTSE100, DJ30, SPI200. USDX and Nikkei225.


Benefits of trading indices


Leverage Indices | Vantage FX


Leverage Trading
Enter the market with small
initial cash reserves

Hedge Trading | Vantage FX

Hedge Trading
Profit on whether the market
is rising or falling

Indices Controlled Trading | Vantage FX

Controlled Trading
As CFDs, you can use stop/losses
with lower volume minimums

Faster Indices Withdrawal | Vantage FX

Faster Trading
Access your profits and trade
with them immediately


Why trade Indices with Vantage FX?

  • Access six major indices and mix it up with 40+ other products including Forex pairs and commodities
  • Single platform convenience – all your products on one platform
  • Access your trading account in 9 different ways
  • Maximum leverage of 500:1
  • Low margins from 1%
  • Competitive spreads (from 1 pip on SPI200)
  • Flexible contract sizes
  • No brokerage fees or commissions
  • No dealing desk

Trade Indices Mobile | Vantage FX


Vantage FX Index Contract Specifications

Contract Platform
Type Market Volume Value/
per tick
E.g for tick
value per tick
1% Margin Max.
ASX S&P 200 (Future) SPI200 CFD SFE/
1 AUD$1 6231->6232 1% x (1 x market price) 100:1 1 500
FTSE 100 (Future) FTSE100 CFD LIFFE/ Euronext 1 GBP1 4652->4653 1% x (1 x market price) 100:1 1 500
DAX30 CFD Eurex 1 EUR1 5217->5218 1% x (1 x market price) 100:1 1 500
Dow Jones 30 (Future) DJ30 CFD CBOT/ CME 1 USD$1 12370->12371 1% x (1 x market price) 100:1 1 500
SP500 CFD CME 1 USD$1 1262.5->1263.5 1% x (1 x market price) 100:1 1 500
Nikkei 225 (Future) Nikkei225 CFD Asia Simex 50 JPY50 3472->3473 1% x (50 x market price) 100:1 50 20000
USD Index (Future) USDX CFD ICE 1 USD$1.00 85.750->85.760 1% x (1 x market price) 100:1 1 500

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