Commodities Trading

Vantage FX offers the opportunity to trade a range of commodities with maximum Forex leverage. Clients can trade precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium, as well as crude oil across two different trading products that will match individual trading styles and experience levels.

How does commodity trading work?

Trading spot precious metals with Vantage FX occurs in a very similar way to a standard forex trade, in that traders are able to purchase these goods against the USD or AUD, much the same as one would a currency pair on the Vantage FX MetaTrader 4 Platform. Choose from:

Commodities Trading | Vantage FX

Any time you trade a commodity with Vantage FX, you’re trading a CFD (Contract for Difference). It means that when you trade the commodity, for example gold, you’re not buying the physical product but investing in an expected price movement. The nature of CFDs means you’re able to profit whether the market is rising or falling.


Why is gold a popular commodity to trade?

Over many centuries, gold has remained valuable and fairly liquid regardless of where you are in the world. Gold is a popular commodity with traders who are looking for a hedging option or simply a less volatile product. In times of great volatility, political changes or even drastic moves from data expectations, gold remains stable and is less reactive to such market forces.

As gold is seen as a ‘safe haven’ asset, traders that may not actively invest in gold will still keep an eye on its movements as an indicator – providing clues about uncertainty in the market.

Trade Gold Commodities | Vantage FX


When to Trade Commodities | Vantage FX

When can you trade our commodities?

Trade commodities with Vantage FX around the clock - 24 hours during the week, with only a brief cessation when the market closes. Please refer to the table below for market open times during daylight savings. If you wish to see all our trading hours, please see our market hours page.

Open (GMT+3)Closed (GMT+3)
Mon 01.00
to Fri 24.00
00:15 to 01.00
Mon 01.00
to Fri 24.00
00.15 to 01.00
Platinum (Spot)Mon 01.00
to Fri 24.00
00.15 to 01.00
Palladium (Spot)Mon 01.00
to Fri 24.00
00.15 to 01.00
Crude OilMon 01.00
to Fri 24.00
00.15 to 01.00
Binary Options Commodities | Vantage FX

Binary Option Commodities

Vantage FX clients are also able to trade on commodities via the purchase of binary options. Unlike usual commodities trading, purchases in binary options of commodities are merely investment purchases on the predicted movements in the actual commodities.

High/Low, One Touch and 60 Seconds are the available types of binary options available for commodities trading. The following commodity movements can be traded upon:



Trading Commodities with Vantage FX

ForexCommodities | Vantage FX

Compliment with 40+ Forex
currency pairs

9 ways to trade commodities on MT4 | Vantage FX

Trade commodities across 9
different platforms

Binary Options and Commodities | Vantage FX

More commodities options on
our Binary Options platform

Continuous Commodities | Vantage FX

Trade around the clock - with
only 15 minute session closes

Commodities Leverage | Vantage FX

Trade with a maximum
leverage of 500:1

Low min trade Commodities | Vantage FX

Safe, low minimum trading
volumes starting from 0.01 lots



Vantage FX Commodity Contract Specifications

Platform SymbolTypeMarketSize/
USD value / per tickE.g for tick value per tick2%
CurrencyMax. LeverageMin. volumeMax. volume
XAUUSDForex GoldFX Spot0.01 = 1 ozUSD$0.011070.60->
2% x (100 oz x price per oz)USD500:10.0120
XAGUSDForex SilverFX Spot0.01 = 50 ozUSD$0.5012.52->
2% x (50 oz x price per oz)USD500:10.0120
XAUAUDForex GoldFX Spot0.01 = 1 ozUSD$0.011070.60->
2% x (100 oz x price per oz)AUD500:10.0120
XAGAUDForex SilverFX Spot0.01 = 50 ozUSD$0.5012.52->
2% x (50 oz x price per oz)AUD500:10.0120
XPTUSDForex PlatinumFX Spot1 = 10 ozUSD$0.101470.60->
2% x (10 oz x price per oz)USD500:1120
XPDUSDForex PalladiumFX Spot1 = 10 ozUSD$0.10900.60->
2% x (10 oz x price per oz)USD500:1120
CL-OILCFD OilNymex/CME0.01 = 10 barrelsUSD$0.1099.56->
2% x (10 x market price)USD500:10.0120

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