Why Doing Nothing is Often the Best Thing to do

September 10, 2018

If I was to tell you that you that there was a 100% guaranteed way to be a better trader, that was also 100% risk free and doesn’t need any effort on your part, would you believe me? I don’t …

How to choose a stop loss strategy that works for you

September 3, 2018

Ok, so you’ve got your entry strategy down pat, what’s next? If you haven’t already, now you need to have a think about what stop loss strategy you’re going to implement. Today, we’re going to go over a few different …

What Makes a Breakout a Breakout?

August 31, 2018

As suggested by the term, a breakout is when price breaks out of a defined area of support or resistance, a trendline, or a price pattern. Simple as that, right? Well, you’d be surprised how often traders get this wrong. …

Why you should let the market make the first move

August 29, 2018

  When it comes to taking a trade, do you preempt, or react? I’d argue with quite a lot of conviction that almost all successful traders of any instrument, but in this case the Forex market, let the market make …