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While you were watching… Japan v Greece 19th June 2014

June 20, 2014

Japan v Greece, 19 June 2014

A must-win for both

This was the first time Greece and Japan has played against each other in the World Cup having only previously met in 2005 at the Confederations Cup. Both teams had lost their first World Cup matches and were in need of a win to secure their placing into the next round. Unfortunately, by tying nil all this will make their next match ups even tougher with hopes for qualifications pinned on both Colombia and Cote D’Ivoire losing and not scoring any goals.


Anyone’s Game

  • 4 World Cup appearances
  • No.46 FIFA Ranking
  • Have won 7 of 10 European match ups
  • 2 World Cup appearances
  • No.12 FIFA Ranking
  • UEFA EURO 2004 Winners

    The EUR/JPY Match Up

    Even though the pairing stats above suggests a close match-up, sport punters and general sentiment was tipping Japan as the favourites to win1. Despite their much lower ranking, Japan has a better scoring record, also scoring against Netherlands in the last World Cup advancing to round 16 in 2010 and winning their five previous matches leading up to this World Cup. It seemed traders also held the Greeks as underdogs in this round.

    EURJPY during the Japan v Greece Match Up. Click to see full view

    In what proved to be a fruitless game with much passing, to-ing and fro-ing, it seemed the price movements were held in any slight chances and hopes. Japan had a great attacking start with star player Honda looking very close to scoring for the Blue Samarais. It then soon looked obvious to the crowd (and traders alike) that there wasn’t going to be any points from Japan. Things started to change direction with the European team one man down after captain Katsouranis got red carded and Mitriglou was subbed off due to injury.

    The second half saw a stronger play from Greece even as Japan continue to dominate the shooting space. With such clashing but neither team advancing – it all seemed to be going nowhere. Back and forth the price seem to go. And so, trade volume starts to increase along with the EUR/JPY with the knowledge that the game was soon to be over. The Euro takes a little dip when Sokratis dribbles dangerously in the box allowing for an-almost goal again for Japan. A lack lustre game ends the session on a downer.

    An hour after the game, sentiment appeared to be in favour of the Japanese Yen against the Euro. Look ahead today at 16:36 AEST for Bank of Japan‘s Governor Kuroda’s speech regarding monetary policies in Japan.

    Until next time, enjoy the games and happy trading!, 2014

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