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While you were watching… Australia v Netherlands 18th June, 2014

June 19, 2014

Australia v Netherlands 18 June 2014

A beautiful tragedy

If history and statistics are anything to go by, this match up should have been leaning towards Australia’s way. With 3 previous match ups against the Netherlands, once winning and twice drawing, 3 goals against 2, the odds should have been tipped in Australia’s. In fact, only in the previous week Australia beat Netherlands (6 -1) in another World Cup. The Hockey World Cup, that is.

This morning’s 2am match saw the Socceroos win the world’s hearts. The Oranje team having smashed the leading Spanish team, in their first World Cup game by 4 goals, appeared to be the clear winner with many on the soundboard touting an absolute landslide win for the Netherlands over Australia. In a heart wrenching game with what could have looked like an upset with Australia leading 2 – 1 at the 55th minute, the Dutch came back quickly and held out with an extra goal for the end.

Tim Cahill’s spectacular goal against Netherlands


The odds stacked against Australia

  • Lowest ranking team in World Cup
  • 3 World Cup appearances, no titles
  • Has never been beaten by the Dutch team
  • No.15 FIFA ranking team
  • 9 World Cup appearances, no titles
  • Just beat FIFA’s no.1 ranking team, Spain 5 -1
  • The EUR/AUD Match Up

    Even though it may have been 2AM in Australia when the match was playing, the New York session was in the middle of theirs and London would soon open. How did the Aussie dollar fare against the Euro whilst both took to the fields?

    EURAUD during the AUS v NED 18 June Match. Click to see full view


    Looking above at the volume bars, you can see a last minute rise with people getting in their last minute trades in before the match kick off. The EUR against the AUD seems to follow the game quite closely. After Australia’s first goal – a surprise to many – sees the European confidence and the Euro fall to its lowest point during the game. It returns to form as we close into half time and Australian Cahill earns himself a yellow card and future game suspension. Things appear fairly low until the Netherland’s equaliser at the 58th minute rising again. The rise returns with the Europeans cementing their win with another goal, confidence peaking just before full time. And so, Netherlands win 3 -2; the Euro finishes higher than pre-game and trading volume returns to its former levels.

    A thrilling game for the early Australian hours that the nation should be proud of. Until next time, feel free to read more of our ‘While You Were Watching‘ series and happy trading!

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