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Vantage FX White Label and Liquidity Solution

Vantage FX’s multi-bank liquidity is available to brokers and institutions operating the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. We have aggregated multiple liquidity providers into a single feed which is routed directly into the MetaTrader infrastructure.

Vantage FX can either create an all-inclusive solution such as bridge and liquidity to an existing MetaTrader network, or a White Label solution utilising our existing global server network.


  • Quick zero cost setup
  • Your own trading brand
  • Customised to your needs
  • Available to Banks, Institutions and Corporates
  • All inclusive package

Multi-bank Liquidity

By connecting to the Vantage FX Liquidity Bridge, MetaTrader 4 brokers can access deep and reliable liquidity from stable and secure price feeds, resulting in better price execution and therefore improved client retention.

All-inclusive Setup:

  • Multi-bank feeds from 0.1 pip
  • $0 cost MetaTrader White Label setup
  • $0 cost MAM tools
  • $0 cost Bridge Setup
  • $0 cost Bridge volume fees

Risk Management

Vantage FX White Label partners can choose to offset all, some, or no market risk with Vantage FX and our liquidity providers. This provides you with more flexibility to act as an agent minimising risk or act as market maker to fit your very own business model.

System Security

The Online Trading Platform addresses the following circle of dealing problems with 128 bit encryption, passwords and limitations for viewing and updating rights to various participants in the deal flow process:

  • Malicious operating by the staff;
  • Malicious operating by the administration;
  • Errors in operating by managers and brokers;
  • Attempts of hacking the system by clients via the internet;
  • Problems with performance of the computer equipment;
  • Problems with the delivery of quotations or prices from data sources;

White Label and Liquidity Support Services

Vantage FX provides 24 x 5 support with specialist knowledge with FX and derivatives. We provide in-depth knowledge and expertise in risk management and whether you are an institution, bank or broker, Vantage FX will provide you with a tailored liquidity solution. We work with leading proprietary technology developers to find the right solutions for clients’ specific needs in the financial services and online trading industry.


Vantage FX is fully committed to ensuring compliance with its licence conditions and Australian law and has extensive compliance policies and procedures in place. We also hold client funds in segregated client trust accounts with the AA rated National Australia Bank, an ASIC approved deposit taking institution. The company is independently audited each year to ensure compliance with Australian Corporations Law and licence conditions with regards to handling to client funds.

How to become a white label partner

Please contact us to discuss becoming a white label partner by emailing [email protected]

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