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Where can I find my EAs & indicators (Build 600)?

April 1, 2014

Ever since the update, my MT4 EAs and Indicators don’t work!

Due to manufacturer wide update by Metaquotes, all brokers, clients and users were required to undergo a major MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Update. This major update is referred to as MT4 Build 600. Some users have experienced some problems with the updates, especially in regards to their automated trading – Expert Advisors (EAs) and indicators.

With the new update, the file structure for storing codes and MQL4 programming language has changed – including your installed custom indicators and EAs. You will need to find them on your computer and relocate them to the updated folders.

How to find EAs and Indicators and get them to work on updated MT4?

Please follow the steps below to relocate your automated trading and custom folders to the correct directory.

1. Open an ‘Explorer’ window on your PC
2. Go to C:/Program Files (x86)/Vantage FX Trader 4 Terminal/experts. Here you will find all your original EAs, indicators and custom files such as templates and profiles

3. Keep this window open
4. Now open your MT4 and click on ‘File’ in the menu bar. Then click on ‘Open Data Folder’ and the following screen should appear. This is the new location of where your custom files should be. Leave this window open.


5. Now click on the other window you had opened of the original location of your custom files. Select all the files you wish to carry across to the new location. Once selecting them, right click and select ‘Copy’.
6. Tab across until you find the other window where you had the new location folders. Paste the files into the new appropriate locations. If you have the windows side-by-side , you can simply drag them across.

7. Make sure you do this for every automated trading and custom folder you wish to copy across. For example, if you wish to keep your old profiles, make sure to copy from the old ‘Profiles’ folder into the new ‘Profiles’ folder.
8. Once done copying, close your MT4 and restart the program. Upon restarting your MT4, you should see the files under their appropriate categories in the Navigator panel

Once having completed all the above steps and you are still having problems with some of your Expert Advisors, please recompile your autotrading bots in the MetaEditor. If you need help regarding this, please visit our page ‘How to Recompile EAs and Indicators‘.




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