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What does the ‘Common Error’ message mean?

January 24, 2014

The ‘Common Error’ message in MetaTrader 4 (MT4) occurs for a variety of generic issues. Most commonly it occurs when an internet connection is too slow or is being disrupted. MT4 requires a fluid, direct internet connection and to be at a minimum speed to stay connected.

How do I fix the ‘Common Error’?

Please try the following procedures to resolve the issue:

Close any charts that are still loading or frozen

Close platform and restart your computer

Check your connection. If running fine, turn off router – leave for about 30 seconds and then turn back on

Try temporarily disabling anti-virus software or internet security programs

If you have another computer, try it on there first to see whether it is a connection or computer problem

Make sure you have selected the correct server at Log-In. For example, if you are on the Demo account, please connect to the ‘Demo Server’

On the right-hand corner in the bottom, click on the connection bars icon. Click ‘rescan servers’. If this does not change the server connection status, select another server centre.

If you are still having difficulty connecting, please contact our Support team




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