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MT4 Webtrader has Adobe Flash storage issues

July 2, 2014

My Adobe Flash Player is causing trouble with my WebTrader platform!

Depending on which browser and version of Adobe Flash Player you have installed, it may alert you to storage permissions required. The following dialog box will appear and you can easily click ‘Allow’ to continue as usual.

If the dialog box does not appear and your WebTrader is not running as it should or you are receiving an error message referring to ‘storage permissions’, please follow the instructions below. These instructions are also useful if you wish to turn off the Adobe Flash Player request each time you visit the WebTrader.

Step 1.

  • Log-in to your WebTrader as you normally would with your Vantage FX account number and username
  • Right-click anywhere on the WebTrader and the following pop-up menu will appear. Click on ‘Global Settings…’

Step 2

  • Select ‘Local Storage Settings by Site..’ button highlighted blue in the image below

Step 3

  • A window ‘Local Storage Settings by Site’ will appear. Click on the ‘Add’ button at the bottom.

Step 4

  • Once clicking ‘Add’, another smaller dialog box will appear similar to the lowest part of the image below.
  • In the Website Domain form bar, type in:
  • Then make sure the drop-down menu underneath has been changed to ‘Allow’
  • Once done, click ‘Add’.




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