8.88% interest promotion


Earn 8.88% INTEREST on Your Account Balance

Vantage FX has rolled out a unique account feature that will benefit all active Forex traders.

In the current environment of once in a generation low interest rates throughout the world, Vantage FX has introduced an account feature whereby Forex traders can increase their overall profitability simply by opening an account and trading Forex.

If you are an active Forex trader, this account feature is designed for you. Sign up, or move your account across to Vantage FX and earn an additional 8.88% interest on your available balance.


Smart Traders Make Smart Decisions

For active Forex traders, the ability to earn 8.88% interest on your Vantage FX Forex trading account essentially smooths out your equity curve by allowing you to collect additional monthly interest from your account balance on top of your already active Forex trading profit.

All Forex traders can choose whether to trade on a Vantage FX Standard STP or RAW ECN account. Trading conditions are exactly the same whether you opt-in to receive the 8.88% interest or not. There are no spread mark-ups and unlike other broker’s promotions, the trading volumes are simply the average volume that the average trader passes through our book each month.


Open a Live Forex Trading Account NOW

Award Winning, Australian regulated Forex broker Vantage FX has always provided extremely competitive trading conditions, accounts and spreads for Forex traders. By adding our 8.88% interest rate feature to all Forex trading accounts, we believe that clients of Vantage FX will gain a substantial advantage by simply trading their own size and style, but doing it with Vantage FX.

Open a live Forex trading account with Vantage FX now and discover the unlimited potential that our transparent Forex trading conditions offer.