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Forex Rebates

Take advantage of the transparent Vantage FX Forex rebate program. Get rebates paid daily, as cash, INSTANTLY into your MT4 trading account. Vantage FX have listened to our clients’ feedback and created the most transparent Forex rebate program in the retail Forex trading industry. We took our Standard STP account and implemented our custom Forex rebate mechanism, which will lower your trading costs and make your Forex trading more cost effective.

Why Choose the Vantage FX Forex Rebate Program?

Highest Paid Rebate

With Vantage FX’s Forex rebate program, you can receive rebates as you trade. You could receive $2.00 (AUD) per standard FX lot – paid daily, directly into your MT4 account.

Transparent Rebate Program

Instantly see your rebates earned, in real cash, displayed on your MT4 platform. These Forex rebates can be withdrawn or used to trade at any time.

No credits, no trading limits, no widening of the spread. Just real cash.

No Time Limit to Trade

Vantage FX takes Forex rebate transparency to the next level. Earn real cash rebates at your own pace, with no time limits or earning caps placed on the way you trade.

No Trading Size Limits

Whether you trade 0.01 of a lot or 40.00 lots, there are no Forex rebate trading size limits. Instantly see your account credited with real cash as you trade. Lower your trading costs by joining the Vantage FX Forex rebate program today.

Forex Spread

As you can see from the chart above, the Vantage FX transparent rebate program, effectively lowers your trading cost per trade on Standard STP Forex trading accounts that have opted into the Forex rebate program.

How it works?

When you open a Vantage FX Standard STP account and deposit at least $1,000, you can earn up to 10% of your deposit back as a Forex rebate.

We will give you a 10% trading Forex rebate bonus, which will be instantly turned into cash through $2.00 rebates as you trade Forex.

Also remember that the Vantage FX Forex rebate program applies to all future deposits above $1000. Just let us know and we will be happy to apply the Forex rebate bonus to your MT4 trading account.

How is the rebate calculated?

Your total Forex rebate amount is simply the number of standard lots you trade, multiplied by $2.

[Standard lots traded] x [$2] = Your rebate amount

How is the rebate calculated?

1. John opens a Vantage FX live account and deposits $5,000.
2. 10% of the deposit amount ($500) is added to John’s
account as an extra rebate bonus.
3. John has traded 200 lots on Forex.
4. A Forex rebate of $400 (200 lots x $2.00) is automatically
added to John’s account. This Forex rebate is now cash
that John can withdraw.
5. John still has $100 of bonus cash available for future
Forex rebates (the initial $500 credit minus the $400
already paid).

Remember that you can always increase your Forex rebate earning potential at any time by depositing more funds.

How to gain access to the Vantage FX Forex Rebate Program?

Already trading with Vantage FX? Please complete the Rebate Opt-In online form here, making sure you enter the promo code: REBATE.

Not yet a client of Vantage FX? Open and fund a live Standard STP account with at least $1000 and complete the Rebate Opt-In online form here, making sure you enter the promo code: REBATE

Please ensure you have read the full terms & conditions of this promotion, available here.

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