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ECN Forex Broker - Vantage FX

Vantage FX are an ECN forex broker provide our clients with fast and easy access to global financial markets including the ability to trade forex, commodities and indices. Vantage FX are strictly regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Traders gain access to global markets through a wide range of stable forex trading platforms featuring both the entire MetaQuotes suite as well as our brand new MarketTrader platform. Whether you’re on MT4 for desktop, using WebTrader on another computer or simply on your Apple or Android mobile device, you can be confident that you are never separated from your next trading opportunity.

As one of the most technologically advanced forex brokers, Vantage FX sit on the cutting edge of server makeup, trade execution speed and ECN forex broker technology. Having introduced a next generation RAW ECN forex broker environment, clients can be assured that they are trading on institutional grade liquidity, sourced from some of the biggest and most respected banks in the world. All with zero spread mark-up.

Vantage FX are a forex broker that you can trust. But don’t just take our word for it. We break down and analyse why you should choose to trade with Vantage FX below.

Forex Broker Trading Platforms

When you’re looking at what sets one forex broker apart from the pack, offering a range of trading platforms goes a long way. When it comes to different trading platforms, Vantage FX are one forex broker that covers all bases. Whether you’re looking to trade forex on your desktop, from a web browser, or even on the go through your mobile or tablet, Vantage FX have a solution for you.

Remember that your one MT4 account login and password gives you access to every one of the following forex trading platforms, whether it’s a part of the official MetaQuotes suite or not. The simplicity of this single account login no matter what platform you’re using to place trades is an excellent concept that keeps Vantage FX clients’ needs at the forefront of forex broker platform design and setup.

Let’s take a look at the different forex trading platforms that Vantage FX offers and go over when or where you might be inclined to use each of them.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

When you’re taking a look at any respectable retail forex broker, you’re going to find a version of MetaTrader 4 (or MT4 for short) and Vantage FX are no different. The MT4 platform is not only the most popular online forex trading platform on the planet, but also one of the simplest to use. MT4 gives clients the ability to fully customise their chart views visually, however they please. It gives them the ability to attach literally tens of thousands of user coded chart studies and custom indicators to their charts. Alongside indicators is the ability to run expert advisors (trading robots) to automatically execute trades on their behalf when a certain set of indicator or price based rules are met.

What takes the MT4 platform at Vantage FX to the next level though is the connection to deep liquidity pools via the forex broker’s custom made oneZero MT4 Bridge. Through carefully curated partnerships with both MetaQuotes and in house technology providers, Vantage FX has been able to fine tune our fibre optic network and server web to fully take advantage of the capability of MT4.

While most forex brokers will offer the MT4 platform to their clients, not all will have the technological and ECN liquidity links to take it to the next level. Choose the leading MT4 forex broker, Vantage FX.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) for Mac

While almost every forex broker offers MT4 for Windows, MT4 for Mac is often overlooked. After seeing the sheer demand from the Apple Mac forex trader base online, Vantage FX went ahead and developed our own unique solution for Apple traders to be able to seamlessly run the MT4 platform on their Mac devices.

This custom built piece of proprietary software is installed directly onto the client’s Mac and works in the exact same way that MT4 would on a Windows PC. Simply drag and drop the MT4 file into your applications folder and you’re good to go. Scalp, Swing trade and even trade your profitable EAs from your Mac.

Vantage FX are one of the only forex brokers that can offer a seamless solution when it comes to MT4 for Mac. Don’t trust another forex broker if you’re a Mac based trader. Choose the market leader in forex trading technology.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Mobile Apps for Apple and Android

The MT4 mobile app allows you to view prices in real time as well as place or manage your trades just like the regular MT4 desktop program.

When you’re out on the go and away from your desktop trading machine, the markets don’t stop and wait for you to get home. This is why it’s imperative that if you’re a serious trader, then your forex broker simply has to offer a mobile trading solution.

As part of the MetaQuotes suite, Vantage FX clients are able to gain secure and stable access to their MT4 trading account via the official MetaTrader mobile app. Whether you’re on iPhone or Android, simply click on your app store and search for MetaTrader 4. From here, it’s just a matter of logging into your account before the markets are at your fingertips no matter where in the world your day takes you.

Charting inside the MT4 app is however, quite limited to say the least. This is where a leading forex broker such as Vantage FX will make up for MetaQuotes’ deficiencies, by offering browser based charting solutions.

MT4 WebTrader and Vantage FX MarketTrader

As even the most staunch fundamental forex traders will know, sometimes you need the ability to not only look at a basic chart while you’re away from your desk, but also have the ability to conduct analysis. It’s here that the MT4 mobile app severely lets down traders, but Vantage FX have you covered.

The MarketTrader platform, has been designed by ChartIQ and is a fully featured HTML5 trading platform. It is a web based trading platform that offers the ability for traders to conduct high level chart analysis directly from their web browser.

By offering this superior charting platform to our traders, Vantage FX clients have a competitive advantage over clients of other forex brokers. Being the first and only professional grade charting platform that uses HTML5 infrastructure to run, this web based charting solution provides a seamless technical analysis solution for traders that need more than just a clean candlestick chart.

Forex Broker Trading Account Types and Spreads

Vantage FX pride themselves on transparency when it comes to our trading accounts.

We are an ECN forex broker. That is, and always will be Vantage FX’s core identity as a company. As an ECN forex broker, the trading accounts that Vantage FX offer our clients feature zero conflict of interest when it comes to taking the opposite side of trades, as well as some of the tightest spreads in the industry.

Taken from our account opening page, here are the features of opening a forex trading account with Vantage FX:

  • Vantage FX RAW ECN Spreads from 0.0 pips
  • Trade With Leverage up to 500:1
  • Minimum Deposit of only $100 and $0 Account Keeping Fees
  • 9 ways to Access your Trading Account, Anywhere, Anytime
  • Trade 40+ Currencies, Commodities, Indices and Binary Options
  • Easy Funding and Fast, Same Day Withdrawals

But let’s take things a step further and individually analyse the two main account types that Vantage FX offer our clients, these being the RAW ECN and Standard STP trading account types.


ECN stands for electronic communications network. This is the forex broker system that allows liquidity providers and large banks to compete for retails forex brokers’ business by streaming their most competitive price quotes to fill orders at. An ECN network creates a virtual order book that looks like a stock market price ladder of the most competitive bid and offer prices.

But unlike a centralised stock exchange that gets prices from only a single entity, the decentralised nature of the forex market means that competition exists between liquidity providers and of course we all know that competition means one thing. Better prices and lower spreads for your trade executions!

The Vantage FX RAW ECN Account is Vantage FX’s flagship trading account. Clients who choose to open a RAW ECN account will gain access to institutional grade liquidity from some of the globe’s biggest financial institutions via the ECN price aggregator, as well as being able to trade with zero spread mark-up and some of the lowest commissions in the forex broker industry.

The prices you receive are raw and the conditions that your trades are executed under are transparent. When it comes to the ECN forex broker model, Vantage FX and our RAW ECN account is truly revolutionising the industry.

Standard STP

The alternative to a RAW ECN account is called the Standard STP account. This account type however, is standard in name only. It still provides traders access to institutional grade liquidity and tight spreads, but this time all with no commissions.

The ability for Vantage FX to be able to offer no commissions on our Standard STP trading account comes from having a small mark-up added to spreads. But thanks to industry connections with liquidity providers and the technological advantage of being able to run orders through our cutting edge Equinix fibre optic network, spread differences between the two accounts really are negligible.

Just remember that the ECN price aggregator sourcing prices, as well as the way that orders are executed, is exactly the same between the two accounts. By choosing to trade on a Standard STP account, you are not disadvantaging yourself or opening yourself up to conflicts of interest in any way, shape or form.

The spread difference between the accounts can of course be tracked on any reputable third party spread analysis tool and you can then analyse which of the Vantage FX forex trading accounts provides the most cost effective solution for your personal needs.

Flexible Leverage Options

With the forex market being the $5 trillion+ per day market that it is, there is no way that the average retail forex trader is going to be able to participate. This is where forex brokers offering leveraged trading accounts are so important in providing the crucial link.

Leverage in forex is defined as a loan that is provided by a forex broker to a trader. To trade $100,000 of currency, with a margin of 1%, an investor will only have to deposit $1,000 into his or her account, known as margin. The leverage provided here would then be 100:1 and the trader would then able to trade.

Consider the following real world example of how leverage offered to clients from a forex broker works:

“Forex Trader B has $5000 USD – If Forex Trader B has an account leverage of 100:1and they wish to use $1000 on one Forex trade as margin, they will have exposure of $100,000 in base currency ($1000) = 100 x $1000 = $100,000 (trade value).”

Experienced forex traders understand just how important it is to use leverage to their advantage and the flexible leverage options that Vantage FX offer our clients are a testament to this understanding working both ways.

With leverage, comes various risk management scenarios that need to be adhered to on both the forex broker and trader sides. Traders must understand the risks that trading on a highly leveraged account pose and educate themselves accordingly. Likewise on the forex broker side, Vantage FX must not allow our book to become too highly exposed in any one direction that could see a single black swan event totally wipe them out. Through highly targeted client education tools and a strong back office focused on risk management, Vantage FX does not and due to our ASIC regulation, simply cannot, run in an irresponsible manner.

Smart Traders Choose to Trade with Regulated Forex Brokers

Since Vantage FX’s inception back in 2009, they have been an industry leading forex broker who have gone from strength to strength as an organisation. Priding ourselves on having the ability to provide absolutely the most transparent forex trading environment for our clients, we encourage you to make the smart choice and open a live account with Vantage FX.

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