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The Metatrader 4 platform for iPad

This is the accounts screen. Here you can switch between active accounts, delete accounts or create new ones (addition button).


Next we have the quotes screen, here you will find live quotes for all selected symbols. Tap the addition button to add new symbols and tap the pencil to remove any you don’t want.


Tapping the advanced button will switch the quotes screen to advanced mode which display’s the time the last quote was received, the current spread and today’s high and low values.


Tapping on a Forex currency pair or CFD will allow you to open a trade or chart and view the details (specifications) for the selected instrument.


After the quotes screen, we have the MQL5 screen. Here you can connect yourMT4 for iPad to your MQL5 account, receive notifications and chat with other MQL5 users.


Finally, we have the New Order screen. Use this screen to open new trades.


There are 5 different types of orders:
1. Market Execution – Opens a buy or sell order at the current market price
2. Buy Limit – Places a pending buy order below the current market price
3. Sell Limit – Places a pending sell order above the current market price
4. Buy Stop – Use this option to place a pending buy order above the current market price
5. Sell Stop – Use this option to place a pending sell order below the current market price

The text fields allow you to set the lot size for your order (1.00 = $100 000), entry price (pending orders only) and Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. (Stop Loss & Take Profit levels are not available when placing a market execution order – use the ‘Modify Order’ function from the trade screen after placing your order).

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