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‘Everything You Need To Know About Trading’ Series

August 25, 2014

Beginners to trading may find sources of information and where to begin all too overwhelming. We’ve started a series of articles which provide summaries of the topics you’ll need to build your Forex trading. Each article references a wide variety of online sources organised in a manner which starts from novice topics to more advanced ones.

The ‘Everything You Need To Know About Trading’ Series has covered the following Forex and Trading concepts:

  1. Forex Trading Strategies
  2. Forex Charts
  3. Expert Advisors
  4. Risk Management
  5. When to Trade
  6. Social Trading
  7. Pivot Points
  8. Fibonacci Patterns


Common Forex Trading Strategies

Topics include:

  • What’s a strategy?
  • Two Common Strategies
  • Top Things Successful Traders Do
  • The Most Popular Entry Strategy
  • Losing Strategies
  • Not-so-sound Strategies

    Forex Charts

    Topics include:

  • Common Chart Patterns
  • Choosing the Best Chart
  • How to Read Candleticks
  • Charts on MT4
  • Identifying Trends on Charts
  • Forex Chart Walkthrough

    Expert Advisors

    Topics include:

  • What is an EA?
  • How to Use EAs
  • Pros & Cons of EA Trading
  • Best Expert Advisors
  • How to Install EAs on PCs
  • How to Install EAs on Macs
  • How to Create an EA
  • EA Programming Tutorials

    Risk Management

    Topics include:

  • What is Risk Management?
  • Managing Trade Risk
  • Money Management Tips
  • Risk/Reward Management
  • Position Size Calculator

    When to Trade

    Topics include:

  • The Three Golden Rules
  • When not to Trade
  • How to Trade on News Releases
  • The Best Times to Trade
  • Market Hours
  • The Economic Calendar

    Forex Social Trading

    Topics include:

  • What is social trading?
  • How to copy the best traders
  • The Copycat Revolution
  • How do people make money social trsding
  • Social route to success
  • The future of social trading

    Topics include:

  • What are Pivot Points?
  • Using Pivot Points
  • Pivot Points Calculator
  • Candlesticks & Pivot Points

    Topics include:

  • Fibonacci Basics
  • Fibonacci as Leading Indicator
  • Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid
  • The Magic of Fibonacci
  • Social



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