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Everything you need to know about When to Trade

July 18, 2014

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When to Trade

There’s little doubt that there’s a lot to get your head around when trading Forex. This is especially so when you first start out sitting in front of your trading terminal and being faced with charts and rows of numbers. At that point, you’re likely to be thinking of questions like “What should I trade?”, “How much should I trade?” and “What do I want to get from trading?

But there’s another question that can get overlooked: “When’s the best time to trade?”

Because each trader has different goals and strategies, there’s really no single perfect time to trade; it will depend on factors such as the currencies being traded – not to mention the different opening hours of the global exchanges. But there are some general rules that will help you decide when might be the best time for you.

Below, we’ve assembled a few helpful links that might assist with choosing your trading times.

1. Three Golden Rules

The hours, days and sessions with the most potential for success


2. When NOT to trade

Seven risky traps to help you avoid trading at the wrong time


3. How to trade News Releases

The latest news can affect trading prices, so you can use this list to stay on top of the most important releases


4. The Best Time to Trade

An interesting technical analysis of thousands of trading records, showing how time of day can affect trades


5. Market Hours

A list of major market hours across the world for the Forex, Commodities and Indices Market. Also see what time the Vantage FX platform times are.


6. Economic Calendar

Make sure you have this page bookmarked and opened at the beginning of your trading day. It provides a chronological listing of all the economic data events happening with live updated results.

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