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Everything you need to know about Currency Pairs

May 22, 2014

Everything you need to know about…

Currency Pairs

Any time you trade Forex, what you’re doing is trading one currency against another. That makes currency pairs one of the foundations of Forex trading. But how do you decide which pair to trade? When’s the best time to trade? And why are currencies always listed in pairs?

While keeping in mind that every trader will have different aims and strategies, we’ve compiled some useful links that should help anyone new to Forex to better understand currency pairs.

1. Currency Pairs Overview

This article provides a simple understanding of what currency pairs in Forex trading are answering FAQs


2. How Are Forex Currency Pairs Written?

An illustrated guide to currency rates and pairs for new traders


3. Types of Forex Currency Pairs

Tips for choosing which currency pairs to trade


4. Time Your Trades

Discover the different trading sessions and the best times to trade different currencies


5. Forex Currency Pair Nicknames

Know your ‘Çable’ from your ‘Fiber’; a list of common slang names for major currency pairs.

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