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Best Forex Broker?

July 13, 2017

Who is the best forex broker? New traders ask this question all the time, but there is no easy answer!

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a forex broker and the best broker for one trader, may not be the best broker for another trader. Regardless, there are definitely a few things you should demand when selecting a forex broker.

The Best Forex Broker Will Offer ECN

ECN is a must – ECN accounts are the best – it’s as simple as that. They are cheaper and there is no conflict of interest. If the forex broker you are looking at doesn’t offer ECN accounts, run the other way. Do you really want to be paying more than you need to when you win and making your broker money when you lose? Vantage FX offers all our clients RAW ECN accounts, with ultra-low spreads and zero conflict of interest.

The Best Forex Broker Will be Regulated

Regulation is another must, the best forex brokers operate in well regulated jurisdictions and prioritize the safety of customer funds. If the broker you are looking at can’t afford to (or doesn’t want to) set up shop in a regulated jurisdiction, do you really want to give them your money? Don’t be that guy on the forums saying “I sent $20 000 to RichQuickForex in the Cayman Islands and now they won’t answer my calls”. Vantage FX is based in Australia and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. All client funds are kept in segregated accounts at the AA rated National Australia Bank.

The Best Forex Broker Will Offer Round the Clock Support

Lately, we’ve noticed an alarming trend at some discount brokers where they have decided to only offer support during their local business hours. News flash: the forex market is open hours a day, 5 days a week. Telling your clients to wait 16 hours when they have an urgent support request is just not acceptable. If you have a problem at Vantage FX, whether it’s morning in Australia, morning in london, or half-past brunch in Timbuktu; someone will be here to take your call. Don’t waste your time with forex brokers who don’t bother.

The Best Forex Broker Will Offer Speedy Execution

Execution matters. Especially so for scalpers and news traders, but for longer term guys as well. Do you really want to be losing a pip on each end of every trade just because your forex broker didn’t bother investing in server infrastructure? The Vantage FX servers are located in London and New York, the biggest financial centers in the world and home to all the major liquidity providers. By making adequate investments in our server infrastructure, we have ensured your trades are executed in the blink of an eye, no matter where you are in the world.

Is Vantage FX the Best Forex Broker?

But we’ll let you decide whether you believe Vantage FX are the best forex broker. We tick all the above boxes and many more. Open up a Vantage FX RAW ECN account today and see for yourself. Whether you want the lowest spreads, the best service, the safest funds, or the fastest execution; with a Vantage FX RAW ECN account, you won’t be disappointed.




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