The Navigator window provides quick access to your specifics (eg. Accounts, indicators, expert advisors). As you trade, you’ll be able to add indicators to chart windows as well as expert advisors, custom indicators, and scripts. The Navigator window is where you can view all of the available tools.

The Navigator window is divided into two tabs. On the Common tab, you can select menu options from a grouped list. The +/- buttons will expand or hide these grouped menu options.
Accounts – both your demo and live account(s), if you have any, will be displayed here. If you have more than one account, you can use this menu to select the one that you want to log into. If you right-click on an account, you can access a drop-down menu which includes options to login, delete, or open a new account.


Demo and live accounts are completely separate and use different servers. Your live account and demo account do not merge when you apply for a live account.

Indicators – shows a list of up to 100 different technical indicators (depending on your account type) that you can add to the chart window. Many traders use technical indicators to forecast where the market may be going. You can right-click on the indicator you want and click ‘Attach to Chart’ from the drop-down menu to display it in a chart window.

Expert Advisors – contains a list of all available Expert Advisor strategies; these are robot plug-ins that automatically analyse market conditions and place trades based on criteria you set.

Custom Indicators – displays a list of trader-modified technical indicators you have created or added

Scripts – contains a list of available scripts; these are programs that perform a single trading action once

If you right-click on a specific Indicator, Expert Advisor, Script, or Custom Indicator, you can select ‘Add to Favourites’ from the drop-down menu. You can then view these on the Favourites tab on the Navigator window

You can download Expert Advisors, custom indicators, scripts and libraries from other sources or create them in MetaEditor, an application installed with MetaTrader that develops autotrading tools. See the Expert Advisors section near the end of this manual.

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