The Market Watch window provides real-time quotes for various instruments. You can access a context menu for the pair displayed, just by right clicking on the desired pair.
To display all instruments, right-click on the Market Watch panel, select ‘Show All’ and all available forex pairs, equity indices and commodity CFDs will be displayed. There are also some other useful tabs which show you various details about the selected currency pair.

Market Watch Menu Options:

1. New order – open/close a position or place a new pending order
2. Chart window – shows the chart for the selected pair
3. Tick Chart – shows the tick chart for the selected pair
4. Depth Of Market – The depth of market displays the current market for a trading symbol.
5. Specification – This displays size, margin, swap rates and other details about the instrument that you are interested in trading
6. Hide – removes the specified pair from window
7. Hide all – removes all symbols which are not used from the list: (eg. If you have an open position or charts, its symbols will not be deleted)
8. Show all – displays all available symbols in the window
9. Symbols – shows the window where you can manage all symbols
10. Sets – saves/loads/deletes the custom setting for the window
11. Milliseconds – shows time in Milliseconds
12. Auto Remove Expired – Automatically removes expired futures contracts
13. Auto Arrange – when unticked, it will allow you to freely rearrange the order of the currency pairs
14. Grid – Shows/Hides the grid
15. Columns – Displays extra info about each symbol such as Last Price, Volume, Spread, Time etc


The Bid and Ask prices show market direction. If the price is lower than the last reported price, the numbers appear in red. If the price is higher than the last reported price, the numbers appear in blue.

You can rearrange the instruments as desired by clicking on the symbol you want and dragging it to a new location.

Double clicking on a pair will open an order window

Ctrl + M activates/deactivates the window – try it out now

When you hide an instrument in the Market Watch window, that instrument will also be hidden in other tools as well. For example, if you want to open a chart of the AUD/CAD, but the currency pair is hidden, it will not appear in the drop-down menu when you click the File menu and select New Chart.

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