Go with the Herd and Short Gold?

March 30, 2017

After featuring XAU/AUD (the ugly cousin?), over the last couple of weeks, a double top in XAU/USD has eventually brought us back home! First up we focus on the gold daily chart, featuring a nice double top at previous support …

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AUD/NZD Musings

March 29, 2017

Back after a long weekend and ready to get stuck into the markets! Straight back into it and as you can see, we’ve been watching one particular daily horizontal support/resistance level in AUD/NZD on the blog for a while. While …

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Oil Shorts Continued

March 24, 2017

Following on from our oil shorts post, I thought a quiet Friday Asian session would be the perfect time to do a little update. Oil Hourly: Click on chart to see a larger view. Already we can see these types …

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Still the SPI200 Top Holds

March 23, 2017

It’s exactly one month ago we looked at this SPI200 double top: SPI200 Daily: Click on chart to see a larger view. Daily resistance that you can see has held for now, printing a pretty obvious double top in the …

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