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Using MAs as Dynamic Support and Resistance

For those who use price action to trade the Forex market, there’s a mixed opinion about the use of moving averages. I mean, why would you use them if price is your indicator? Well, let me explain why MAs can …

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The Magic of the Measured Move for Profit Targets

Sometimes, one of the most challenging aspects of trading the Forex market is determining a suitable and realistic take profit area. In fact, I’d argue quite strongly that determining an exit (whether in profit or at a loss) is significantly …

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What to do when the Forex Market ‘Fakes It’

Imagine the following scenario. You’re watching the US dollar index in your MT4 platform, and have been doing so for weeks. Poised and waiting for the big break above a key resistance level so you can take advantage of the …

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How to Trade Channels Like a Champ

Parallel or equidistant channels are a popular favourite among technical Forex traders. A channel formation is constructed of two parallel lines indicative of support and resistance and can be either bearish or bullish depending on the overall direction of price. …

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Rising and Falling Wedge Patterns

When talking about reversal patterns in Forex trading, few are more familiar or widely-known than rising and falling wedges. But why so? Well, wedge patterns tend to offer some of the most precision entries as well as some of the …

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What Makes a Breakout a Breakout?

As suggested by the term, a breakout is when price breaks out of a defined area of support or resistance, a trendline, or a price pattern. Simple as that, right? Well, you’d be surprised how often traders get this wrong. …

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Trading Breakouts vs. Retests. Which is better?

As a technical trader, one of the common topics of discussion is around whether a trade should be taken immediately as price breaks out of our zone, or should we wait for it to retrace to the breakout level? There’s …

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A Better Way to Trade Pin Bars

Anyone who uses price action to trade the Forex market no doubt knows that it can offer plenty of lucrative setups. Today we’re going to break away from one of the most conventional methods and introduce you to a brand …

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EURUSD Weekly Setup

Happy Monday, traders! Skimming through some charts first thing this morning, the EURUSD weekly jumped out with a couple of potential setups occurring. Consider the chart below: What we’re seeing here is a clear level of demand (blue) and a …

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BTCUSD forming a bottom but has a long way to go yet

Morning, Traders. Check out Bitcoin on the weekly chart. In this case, I’m using the BTCUSD chart, but you could just as easily be trading actual BTC instead of CFDs. I never thought I’d say this but it looks as …

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