EUR/CAD Levels to Choose From

February 24, 2017

A quick look at the currency crosses (featured in the types of forex currency pairs post in the forex education section) today, with a look at EUR/CAD. First up on the daily chart you can see the higher time frame …

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Playing the Same EUR/GBP Support/Resistance Level

February 23, 2017

If that EUR/GBP level looks familiar, that’s because it is. Yes, we’ve used this EUR/GBP support level a few times now. Click that link and follow the path back in time through our EUR/GBP posts to see how each time …

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February 22, 2017

While GBP/USD swiftly bounced from it’s brief foray below $1.20, price has once again been capped by the range that you can clearly see in the daily chart below: GBP/USD Daily: Click on chart to see a larger view. The …

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SPI200 Double Top

February 21, 2017

With the US stock market (SP500 on the Vantage FX MT4 platform) making ANOTHER new high overnight, we turn our attention to an early week look at Indices markets. Now, we had previously highlighted the following SPI200 range on the …

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