Cancelling or modifying an order | Vantage FX

Cancelling or modifying an order

This section only applies to Pending Orders.

In scenarios, where you have placed your order in the market and the price has moved significantly away from it you may wish to delete or modify your order.

In the Terminal window (the lowest part of your MT4 platform), in the Trade tab, pending orders are below the ‘Balance’ line. Double click the order. The order screen will appear.

The order screen will only show ‘Delete’ available, as you have not modified the price. To delete the order, click the “delete” button. Otherwise, select your new entry, stop loss, or take profit level and click the “modify” button to have the order modified.

To quickly modify an entry, Stop loss or Take Profit level after an order has been placed, just click and drag the appropriate line on your chart

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