Cancelling or modifying an order

November 15, 2016

Note! This section only applies to Pending Orders. In scenarios, where you have placed your order in the market and the price has moved significantly away from it you may wish to delete or modify your order. In the Terminal …

Pending execution orders

November 15, 2016

This type of order allows you to set a level at which you wish to enter (buy or sell) the selected pair. It is useful if you do not wish to monitor the market until your desired pair reaches a …

Placing a trade in MT4

November 15, 2016

There are several ways to access the trade screen, when not using the one-click trading. Of the following options, find a style that works for you: On menu bar, click Tools > New Order; OR Double click on the desired …

Metatrader 4 trading

November 15, 2016

Once comfortable with navigating through the Metatrader 4 for Mac platform, placing trades will be much easier. This section will guide you through placing and closing trades. Mastering and understanding how trades are ordered and executed from this section will …

Creating a new MT4 demo account

November 15, 2016

If you have not already created an account via the website, or you would like to create a new demo account, go to the ‘File” menu and select ‘Open an Account’. 1. Select ‘Vantage FX-Demo’ as the server and click …