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My login doesn’t work

January 17, 2014

Why can’t I log in to MT4? Why does my account say ‘invalid’?

If you are receiving an ‘Invalid’ error message when you log in, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • Login and passwords do not match
    • You do not have Internet connection
      • You have an old MT4 Build, please make sure your build is up to date.
        • Your account has been marked as dormant due to a zero balance and over 90 days of inactivity


        If you are having trouble logging into your MetaTrader 4 Trading Account, please refer to the following steps:

        • First please check that you have typed the correct username and password from your ‘Welcome’ email. Try copying and pasting the password.
          • Make sure your internet connection is fully functioning and secure. Open a webpage to test your internet connection.
            • Please check that you have selected the correct server on your MT4. If you are using the trial Demo version, please select ‘Demo’ server. Otherwise to login to your real account, please select ‘Live’ Server.
              • If you have an MT4 version that is older than Build 600, please refer to emails with your download link or refer to the following Help page: Metaquotes Update
                • If you have a Demo Account login, please note that they expire after 30 days. You will need to request for another demo account if you wish to extend your trial period.
                  • If you have a Live trading account that has been dormant and wish to reinstate the account, please contact Support.

                    If you are still unable to log in, please contact Support with your name and log in details via email or phone.




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