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Can I log in to multiple accounts on the same computer?

January 20, 2014

How do I login to more than one MT4 account on the same computer?

You can only switch between different accounts on the one MT4 platform. On MT4, it will log you out of one account before logging you onto another.

Alternatively, you can log into other accounts via WebTrader and have your main account running on your MT4.

Another option is to download MT4 again. When you download a second MT4, make sure to create a new folder for it (so that it does not override your initial MT4 version). For example, when you first download MT4, it will default to saving it to “C:/Program Files/Vantage FX Trader”. For the second instance of downloading, change the name of the download folder for the default location, for example: “C:/Program Files/Vantage FX Trader 2”.

Remember to note, this option will use up much more resources from your computer. It is not recommended for slower computers.




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