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The Vantage FX Hybrid Partnership program

The Vantage FX Hybrid Partnership program has been developed to deliver industry-leading CPA as well as great ongoing IB rebates from the trading activity of referred clients. We have set up the program so that partners can choose the earnings model that best suits their needs, whether skewed more towards the CPA structure, or IB format.

All Vantage FX Hybrid partners gain unprecedented access to our cutting-edge IB Portal as well as the state-of-the-art CellXpert platform. Combined, these elements give partners an unrivalled set of tools that not only track daily volume rebates, but also deliver precise tracking of CPA conversions.


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The Advantage of joining the Vantage FX Hybrid Partnership program

We launched the Vantage FX Hybrid Partnership program to offer partners not only the opportunity to earn up to $480 CPA for each account that they refer to us, but also the ability to earn industry-leading rebates from the ongoing trading activity of their clients.

As a Hybrid partner, we do everything we can to ensure that you’re able to hit the ground running. That’s why all our Hybrid partners are given exclusive access to both the CellXpert platform and our IB Portal. With these ultimate affiliate and IB tools available, all our partners are equipped with everything needed to boost conversions and earnings to new heights.

Earn up to
CPA per account

rebates up to
per lot

Transparent. Profitable. Robust.

Access the best of both worlds
with the Vantage FX Hybrid
Partnership program.

We take care of your clients

Vantage FX Hybrid partners can rest-assured that they’re offering their clients peace of mind knowing that they’re partnering with an award-winning, leading broker. With over 130 tradable assets on offer and multiple trading platforms to choose from, we go the extra mile to get our partners’ clients up and running, so our partners are free to focus on earning more rebates and commissions.

With everything taken care of, it’s never been a better time to start earning more with the Vantage FX Hybrid Partnership program.

Offer up to
Tradable Assets

Access over
Unique Digital Banners

It's easy to start earning with Vantage FX

Join the Vantage FX Hybrid Partnership program in just minutes.

Use our suite of professionally designed landing pages and web banners to create campaigns

Accelerate your earnings with the state-of-the-art CellXpert platform and Vantage FX IB Portal

Earn great CPA commissions and rebates from referrals and the trading activity of clients

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Partner with Vantage FX and Earn More Today

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Earn up to $480 CPA + ongoing rebates
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