Forex (FX) Strategy Trader

  • Executing your strategy automatically

    Forex Strategy Trader is a useful and free trading platform that uses automated functions, driven by a predefined user strategy, to send and execute trading orders. User friendly drop down menus make it easy to access technical indicators and rules, allowing you to tailor-make your own trading strategies quickly and easily. Whether novice or advanced, this forex strategy tool makes it easy for all traders to not only create their own strategies, but to import strategies from our back tester and Forex Strategy Builder. It is also possible to download other users' strategies from the forum or our website.

  • Strategy execution with one click

    After your FX strategy trader information is set, connect to the MetaTrader 4 terminal and click "Start Execution" –while you’re online, this smart software will follow the preset strategy while trading automatically.

  • Endless ways to refine your strategy

    Enjoy endless possibilities with more than 100 indicators and loads of logical options for each. Advanced traders from around the world are also able to compute new indicators before uploading them on the site or in the forum, which makes them available for others to use.

    Some of the advanced tweaks that you can apply to your strategy include:

    • Setting the amount being traded as lot size or as percent of your total account;
    • Reversing, adding to or removing from a position
    • Stop loss and take profit values
    • Setting a precise time for making deals to suit you, say 11:00. 
  • Demo strategies to help you learn

    In order to help users get the best out of this software, it includes demo strategies with precise explanations that focus on providing basic knowledge. There are also examples available for users to experiment with before they start building their own systems.

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