All Vantage FX live account holders qualify for a complimentary subscription to Autochartist™, a market-leading intraday trading tool.*

Autochartist™ assists with decisions of what and when to trade by bringing technical analysis into your trading strategy, whatever your level of experience.


What is Autochartist™?

Autochartist™ scans through massive quantities of market price data and automatically detects predefined patterns as they form, saving time and effort for traders of all levels. With a 70% accuracy rate of forecasting price breakouts, Autochartist™ is considered one of the world’s most advanced intraday tools for the automatic identification of Chart and Fibonacci patterns.

The Autochartist™ services are available through a Web Script and Custom Indicators in MT4, alerting traders to 1000+ profitable, real-time trading opportunities per month and automatically overlaying Chart patterns, Fibonacci patterns, Key Levels and PowerStats on MT4 charts.

For access to Autochartist™ you can open a live account in minutes:

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Autochartist™ Trading Tools:


    Receive audio and visual alerts when emerging and completed patterns are identified. Benefit from the automatic Forecast Zone plotted on completed Chart Patterns. Use the Autochartist™ Performance Statistics to view success rates of patterns reaching the forecast zone.


    Receive audio and visual alerts of emerging and completed Fibonacci patterns. Also receive a visual illustration of support and resistance levels according to the theory of the Golden Ratio.


    Provides traders with insight into relevant movement of instruments, such as:

    • Average PIP movement in specific timeframes;
    • Maximum expected price movements across various timeframes
    • Expected price movements over weekly and daily timeframes


    Horizontal support or resistance is often encountered at significant price levels. With Key Levels, Autochartist™ automatically identifies these price levels as either “Breakout” or “Approach”.

  • Benefits of Autochartist™:

    • Intraday scanning & trade alerts: Audio and visual alerts notify you of the best potential trade opportunities for you – right throughout the day.
    • Single screen: Autochartist™ for MT4 consolidates your trade options into one screen. Toggle opportunities on or off with the click of a button.
    • Simple trading tools: Drag and drop custom indicators - including chart patterns, Fibonacci patterns, PowerStats and Key Levels – help you view patterns and price overlays.
    • Forecast zones Autochartist™ automatically plots a forecasted zone of expected price level for completed patterns, with a 70% success rate in reaching the forecasted zone.
    • Quality indicators: Get automated visual analysis of patterns through a combined quality score.
    • Trade style: Autochartist™ automatically plots support and resistance lines, catering to both breakout and swing traders.
    • Highly customizable searches: Filtering out unwanted data and focus on the information most relevant to your trading style.
    • Save time: There’s no need to accumulate years of experience to identify patterns; Autochartist™ scans massive quantities of market price data and automatically detects predefined patterns and key levels.
    • Education: Learn how to best utilise chart patterns and technical analysis using in-built training guides and videos.

    Autochartist™ Resources:

    For Autochartist™ online user manuals, instructional videos, access to performance statistics and more, visit our Autochartist™ resources page:

    Autochartist™ Resources

    *A Vantage FX live account holder is a client who has funded with the minimum required deposit of $100.