Trading Forex Spot Gold and Silver


Vantage FX clients will also be able to trade precious metals against the USD through your MetaTrader 4 Live Account. When trading spot gold/silver, you are either buying the metal and selling the USD or selling the metal and buying the USD.

Spot gold/silver are priced in USD per troy oz (troy ounces).

  • Gold/US Dollar, XAUUSD, Spot: 100 troy Oz (1 lot)
  • Silver/US Dollar, XAGUSD, Spot: 5,000 troy Oz (1 lot)

You can also trade from as low as 0.05 lots to easily control your exposure. Spot Commodities allow you to short sell as easily as taking a long position and can also be traded by Market, Limit, Stop and Trailing Stop orders. You can enjoy the same leveraging options as you do in trading Forex, with the maximum being 500:1.

As with Forex all positions held overnight will be rolled to the new spot value date and will therefore incur an overnight swap charge or credit to the clients account.