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Multi Account Manager Modules – MAMMs and PAMMs

Vantage FX offers high performance multi account manager solutions that can be customized to your trading needs. Our multi account manager (MAM) platforms provide an ease, control and flexibility to help you take your trading to the next level. With our MAMs, the administrative side is taken care of by us leaving you to excel in your trade management.


What is a MAMM?

A MAMM (Multi-Account Management Module) is a Forex broker extension tool for individual traders who are trading with several accounts. Vantage FX provides our MAMM extension for use via the MetaTrader 4 platform (MT4).


What is a PAMM?

A PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a broker MAMM extension. The PAMM allows Forex traders, referred to as Money Managers, to manage other investors’ money for a profit. The module simplifies and secures the percentage allocations between investors, Money Managers and us, your PAMM Forex Broker.


Key Advantages of using a MAMM/ PAMM

Features available with Vantage FX’s MAMMs/PAMMs:

  • Automatic allocation of trades and easy withdrawal options
  • The use of EA (Expert Advisor) managers and manual managers via this solution
  • Tools to display your performance to the public via FX Copy
  • Ability to add and/or remove funds without affecting trading activity


Advantages that you and your clients will benefit from in using our MAMMs and PAMMs:

  • Access to Vantage FX’s tight, competitive spreads
  • High-speed execution and allocations
  • No limitations on number of investors or investment amount
  • Flexible leverage options
  • Increased trade size with our premium liquidity providers


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