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Start Trading Binary Options

Opening a Binary Options account is quick and easy. Apply online for your free account today.
Just want to practice? Why not open a demo account and trade risk-free for 30-days? It’s 100% free and you'll have $20,000 of virtual funds to learn with.

Already have a Vantage FX account?

If you trade Forex with Vantage FX you can use the same MT4 account to trade Binary Options with us.

Just launch the Binary Options web platform, login top right of screen, and start trading!

  • What are Binary Options?

    We’ll they’re as simple as Up or Down. All you have do is choose…

    1. an asset to trade
    2. a set period of time, and
    3. whether you think the closing price will finish above or below the current price.

    Before you place your trade, you’ll clearly see the maximum gain or loss, and when the trade closes, you’ll have a clear result.

    With Binary Options you can create exciting short term trading opportunities, and benefit from trading with limited risk.

  • How To Place a Trade

    Once you have chosen a Binary type from high/low, one touch, boundary or short term, placing a trade is simple.

    1. Select an asset (E.g. EURUSD)
    2. Select which way (E.g. High or Low)
    3. Enter your trading amount (E.g. $100)
    4. Click buy
  • Why Binary Options with Vantage FX?

    • Easy to use, intuitive platform
    • Wide range of assets – Forex, Indices, Commodities, Stocks
    • No downloads required - web-based platform
    • Trade without spreads or commissions
    • Manage your risk – know immediately how much you gain or risk on each trade
    • Trade from as little as $10 USD
  • Secure Trading with Vantage FX

    Enjoy the confidence of trading with a multi-award winning Australian & UK regulated financial institution.

    • ASIC & FCA regulation
    • Segregated, secure client funds held with top-tier banks (NAB & Barclays)
    • Personal account managers
    • 24 hour premium support anytime the market is open